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Ashley & Tayler: Pillar and Post

This summer Pillar and Post started to feel like home to me I was there so often! Though that's not surprising as it's such a lovely venue! Ashley and Tayler got lucky with an absolutely perfect day for a wedding. Even though I was injured, and limping around everywhere, this goes down in my books as a fantastic wedding! The donut table was the hardest thing I've ever had to set up in terms of will power. The scent was absolutely amazing. If you're local and are looking to do a donut table, check out Beechwood Donuts. Simply amazing. This table was attacked - I don't think they got to bring home any... very different than cake tables!

This wedding was also fun for me because I got to work with a videographer I knew from university. I love Niagara and the small world that it is :).

Highlights included the donut table of course, the gorgeous outdoor cocktail hour (I didn't get photos), and the shoe game. I love hearing the crowd ooh and ahh over answers :).

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