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Kayly & Reed: Glen Drummond Farm

Glen Drummond Farm is one of those perfect venues that manages to sparkle and be amazing through rain or shine. We went back and forth as to whether we should do the ceremony inside or outside, and ultimately decided on inside. About 10 minutes before the ceremony we thought we made a huge mistake as the sun was shining, but about 1 minute before the aisle walk the clouds opened and it poured! We were so relieved that we chose inside :) - and as you can see it was beautiful!

Kayly was an absolutely stunning bride and Reed was one of the happiest grooms!

Some highlights for me included:

-the Smores fire lounge area

-the poutine truck

-the absolutely gorgeous hand carved fairy houses on the centerpieces

-the super cute ring bearer (secret agent)

-the bagpiper for the ceremony

Another beautiful day! I can't recommend Glen Drummond enough.

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