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Chelsey & Victor: Pillar and Post

Chelsey and Victor got married in beautiful Niagara-on-the-Lake and lucked out with an absolutely perfect sunshiney day! Their ceremony was held at the Pillar and Post and their reception at Queen's Landing. I loved setting up the simple yet elegant decor. However, my FAVOURITE part of this wedding was DEFINITELY the sock dance! If you haven't heard of it, tradition says that if a younger sibling marries before an older sibling, the older sibling is thought to have "cold feet" and must wear socks and dance to warm them up! The groom had 3 older unwed brothers, so a dance show we all got!

I also love to watch the shoe game unfold, and the cakes... I will shamelessly admit to trying 3 cakes and eating ALL of my slices. SO good (and yes there was still leftover... I'm telling you guys, ORDER LESS CAKE!).

All in all, a perfect wedding!

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