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Click the link above for express co-ordination inclusions and decor only services. 


Express Coordination

starting at $650

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Click the link above for day of co-ordination inclusions and decor only services. 


Day of Coordination

starting at $950

Click the link above for reviews and images from weddings Miranda has coordinated.

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Photos below show weddings we've had a hand in planning or setting up. Check out our blog for details on some of our favourite weddings!


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First of all - if you're here you're likely engaged, so... SUPER CONGRATULATIONS!! ​Woohoo! Planning a wedding is such a fulfilling job! Taking a vision and turning it into reality is something that I will never tire of!

You might wonder how I came to be a wedding planner. In June of 2017 I got married. Admittedly, I was a Bridezilla. I knew exactly what I wanted, was super organized, and planned everything to a tee. I didn't want or need help (or so I thought)! I had a 2.5 year engagement and figured I could do it all. Fast forward 2.5 years to my wedding day.

Picture this... my flowers come in the wrong colour, my cake comes in the wrong flavour, a bird is attacking my guests outside the venue, my hair completely falls from beautiful curls to a 'just-out-of-the-shower' look, during my ceremony a guest's medic alert bracelet goes off (by accident) - TWICE! Our ceremony is picturesquely overlooking water - a boat capsizes during our ceremony and a rescue helicopter comes to air rescue people (I should add that the helicopter is fluorescent orange). Since I didn't want dancing, I figured a DIY playlist was the right choice. I tested it MANY times. On my wedding day - it doesn't work.

Who dealt with all of these issues? That would be ME because I couldn't delegate!

Top this off with my poor Aunt being in charge of my decor and having to hear all of my critiquing and micromanaging and complaining, while missing out on family photos in the process...

I decided on my wedding day to become a certified planner and to ensure that no bride under my care has to deal with ANYTHING that pops up! Let me take the burden off you and your friends and family. Let me help you plan the wedding of your dreams and make sure that your day runs smoothly!

Please note that as of July 31, 2019 Miranda is NOT a certified coordinator with the Wedding Planning Institute of Canada (WPIC). Miranda was certified from December 2017-July 2019 but was disbarred for her prices being “below industry standards”. As a former bride on a budget, I value my couples and their  wedding budgets more than 4 letters at the end of my name. So I let them disbar me. I believe my reviews and experience speak volumes over certification!

Happy  planning everyone!




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