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Lauren & Greg: Bradford Barn

The Bradford Barn is such a stunning wedding venue! If you're looking for a rustic venue - look no further! They have a stunning space set up for the ceremony, just steps away from the reception venue. Though I will say it was WARM!

Greg and Lauren are one of those couples that when you meet them, you just know they are meant to be! The wedding suited them perfectly. All the rustic touches were perfect. They used their love for sports to help name their tables - which I loved!

The highlights of this wedding definitely included their late night taco bar (mmm) and the post tradition. It's not every wedding you see a bride with a drill! :)! I also loved their first dance! I love when a bride and groom go all out! It was definitely worth all their practicing because it was a show stopper :). Wishing them a lifetime of happiness.

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